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Who are we?

In 1978, a handful of individuals set out to establish a social and cultural organization to bring together Turks and friends of Turkey living in the greater Kansas City area, to be a voice for their interests and concerns, and ultimately, to present and promote Turkish culture before Kansas Citians at large. Thanks to their efforts, TAA-KC was founded in August of 1979, and subsequently incorporated as a not-for-profit organization by the State of Missouri in 1980.

We, as an Association, are affiliated with the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA). We also have representation at the Ethnic Enrichment Commission of Kansas City, Missouri (EEC-KC).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster, promote, plan and execute programs aimed at improving awareness of Turkey's culture and history. In order to successfully accomplish this mission, we will conduct our voluntary work with

We will strive to exceed membership expectations.


Events & Activities & Membership

Our annual social activities vary. We try, to the best of our ability, to have two picnics, two tea parties celebrating Ramazan (Ramadan) and Kurban (Eid), special parties for our children and sometimes college youth, and one dinner party, usually around October 29 celebrating the founding of the Republic of Turkey. Our cultural activities used to include dance and music performances at various local festivals and area colleges; presently, we do not have enough active dancers unfortunately. The Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment Festival has been the foremost platform where we present Turkey and Turkish culture. We run a food and crafts booth during this three-day event, which takes place in the third weekend of every August and is organized by the EEC-KC.

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