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We are always looking forward to meeting new people, and having new members join us. Our membership consists of some ninety households strong, and its composition is quite diverse in terms of age and occupation. Among our members are married couples with or without children, singles, professionals, private business owners, college students, Turks, and Americans.

TAA-KC being a non-professional, voluntary association of people otherwise busy with their occupations, our members do not make hard commitments of their time or money. Yet both are needed for sustaining the Association. Membership is thus subject to payment of an annual due, which is currently set to be $40 per family, $25 per single, and $10 per student (family or single). Only paying members have the right to vote and hold office on the Board of Directors.

As for your time, the Association expects its members to make themselves available, to the extent possible, for successful execution of its various events and activities. This sometimes means preparing and donating food items for a party, giving a hand in Ethnic Enrichment Festival preparations, working in the food and crafts booth at the said festival, and the like. Most of the time, and for most members, their simple participation, visiting, showing up, being there, bringing their friends, and otherwise showing interest and involvement go a long way. Members stepping up to serve on the Board of Directors are especially appreciated.

To become a member or to renew membership...

Please mail your annual dues check made out to TAA-KC at our P.O. Box address, or for cash payments find us at one of our events. Please include along with your payment your phone and email information if you are a new member or if there has been a change to them. Consider including any other pertinent information, and dropping us a note when you mail anything to us so we know to pay a timely visit to our low-traffic P.O. Box. Thank you.